Why You Should Work with an Independent Real Estate Office

Real estate agent congratulations to new buyer by giving house model to client in the agency office.

Buying or selling your home is a major decision. When choosing a real estate firm, it is important to not only choose one that has local offices, but one that is native to the area. ​The goal of a real estate agent is to facilitate the buying or selling of property, while protecting the interests and confidential information of the customer. Many times this goal gets clouded and detracted, due to larger real estate agencies that do not have a grasp on the local community and have to look out for other interests such as stockholders, board members, and other stakeholders. Here’s why you should consider an independent, local brokerage company when buying or selling a home:

With corporate structures come branding guidelines. Franchise brokers are limited on how they operate, brand, and market themselves. Independent brokers have the freedom and flexibility to run their own business, develop their own voice, and grant their agents more autonomy.

Franchisees experiment less compared to their independent counterparts. Corporate rigidity means less freedom to put dollars behind newer customer experience initiatives like free first-time homebuyer seminars, which independent brokers routinely host.

Whereas franchise brokers have higher overhead and may be less flexible when negotiating their commission, independent brokers want to ensure you have the best possible experience (even if it means working off-the-clock!).

Market Knowledge
Home buyers and sellers may feel franchise brands are not “community oriented” since franchise brokers often answer to out-of-market (and even out-of-state) franchisors. Independent brokers have in-depth market knowledge and are more likely to be active in their communities.

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